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Platinum Dr Gem Corrective Insoles

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Improve the health of your feet with the beneficial Platinum Dr Gem corrective insoles! They improve your posture, stability and balance when you walk, run or stand. These orthotic insoles reduce odours thanks to the antibacterial protection of their silver nanoparticles. These insoles are made of flexible and resistant plastic and have ventilation holes for perspiration. Includes: 2 base insoles, 6 curved accessories, 2 accessories with massage points, 8 hook and loop circles and 1 instruction manual.

These insoles are designed for the area between the heel and the middle of the foot (not up to the toe tips, unlike conventional insoles).
Approximate length per size:
S: 16 cm (36 to 38)
M: 16.5 cm (38 to 40)
L: 17 cm (40 to 42)
XL: 17.5 cm (42 to 44)
XXL: 18 cm (44 to 46)

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